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I was called years ago to create Sophia Sound Sanctuary. This is a sanctuary of ancient healing using sound frequencies, plants and yogic movement. Sophia frequencies are a specific range of frequencies of an angelic order. 


Here I practice; sound as medicine, using frequencies for etheric DNA activations and attunements plus more. Flowers and plant medicine ceremonies.


My journey here has been 17+ years in the making. Time travel with me. 


I’m 24 and sweating profusely in a hot power yoga class, thinking, “What have I gotten myself into?!” My then boyfriend, sweaty and smiling next to me. I only went for the brownie points, free class and the delight of being right about Yoga people being, “Fringe”. 


My life changed in 90 minutes, this is when and where I began to walk my path that was activated at eight years old. I fast tracked into Yoga Teacher Training and began to teach. Same year I learned what unconscious beliefs were and began to train as a Life Coach, eventually receiving two life coaching certificates. Yoga Life Coach and Certified Effectiveness Coach. Over the years I helped build several yoga studios, my own business and trained yoga teachers nationally and internationally. All of this was seemingly leaps away from being a FL State Certified Sign Language Interpreter for the Deaf and Ballroom dance trainer. Little did I know both of those disciplines set me up beautifully for the sound frequency work I do now.

I learned to feel my body and read other peoples from a purely physical and emotional point of view. 


Now with the other gifts activated of being able to see non-physical energy they flow well together. I can see why I needed to begin where I did. Sign language taught me to read people silently with all of my senses. Ballet and ballroom dancing taught me how to move me through space, feel my body and dance out how I feel. Yoga is teaching me to observe people holistically. Notice stuck emotional/mental energies, where they live within the person and use poses/breath to help them unify with themselves. 


Now, my Spirit team has trained me to use sound frequencies to awaken and unblock cellular patterns with a specialty as an Etheric Surgeon with specialty in DNA work. The tones come through me not from me. The phrase “as above, so below” is a good way to look at this, what begins in the ethers shows up within the body. Etheric body frequency activations and attunements is specific and subtle energy work. Once the clearing is done. Energies flow into the physical body and activate dormant internal gifts. 

Certificates, Trainings, People I’ve worked with


300hr+ ERYT (experienced Yoga Teacher) certified yoga instructor. Trained in Baptiste philosophy 2007. 17+ years teaching yoga and 14 years coaching. 


Grew eight yoga studios and trained 100+ yoga teachers, nationally/internationally


Certified Core Power Yoga Instructor. Certified Yoga Life Coach, Certified Effectiveness Coach with Master Trainers Bettie Spruill, Ana Escalante, Sue Hawkes of Ideal Coaching Global and YESS! 


Co-created a groundbreaking Childhood Obesity Medical Trial with Baptist Health. 


Lululemon Athletica. BBI. Athleta. Fidelity Financial. Bank of America. Meclabs Institute. BDO. Weather Engineers. Yoga trainer at North Florida Yoga Fest and Rasa Lila Yoga Fest. Experienced meditation instructor and creator of Meditation Mondays, Feet Up! An Arm Balance Workshop and Sophia Sound Circle. Florida State Certified Sign Language Interpreter for the Deaf. 

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